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The working principle and introduction of electric fuel pump for automobile engine

The working principle and introduction of electric fuel pump for automobile engine

The function of the fuel pump is to deliver the fuel stored in the fuel tank to the injector fuel line. Fuel pumps in earlier engine fuel systems were mostly mechanical and have been replaced by electric fuel pumps. In addition, some of the original electric fuel pump installed outside the fuel tank, are also built into the fuel tank to take into account the heat, noise and gas resistance and other issues. Fuel pump installed in the fuel tank, and fuel oil gauge measuring device as a whole.
The fuel pump on the fuel gauge paddle metering section The working principle of the electric fuel pump and the electric pump works the same, the use of the motor drive the corresponding pump device to continuously deliver fuel to the fuel system. You know, the fuel system must maintain a certain pressure, the only way to ensure that the fuel injected from the injector atomization better, more easily burn. However, when the engine is shut off, the pressure of the fuel system will be lost. Once there is no residual pressure, it is easy to generate air resistance in the pipeline at high temperature. In this way, when the engine is restarted, it is difficult to start the engine due to the air mixed in the fuel system, which makes it difficult to ensure sufficient fuel. For this purpose, a check valve is provided in the fuel pump. When the fuel pump is stopped, the one-way valve is closed to maintain the residual pressure in the fuel line for restarting of the engine. In addition, I do not know if you have noticed that when your car parked for a long time, if the car is quiet, when you turn on the ignition switch in no hurry to start the engine, you will hear a "buzzing" sound from the rear of the vehicle. This is not a malfunction, but to ensure that the fuel system has enough pressure to start the engine and allow the electric fuel pump to run for 2-3 seconds in advance to establish hydraulic pressure. In order to prevent overpressure at the oil outlet side of the electric fuel pump, a safety valve is also designed so that once the pressure of the fuel delivered by the fuel pump is too high, the safety valve opens and the overpressured fuel is returned to the fuel tank. Fuel Pumps and Engine Control Computer Modules Earlier we mentioned saddle-shaped fuel tanks on some rear-wheel drive sedans and SUVs, which are divided into a main tank and a sub-tank, but are generally only available in the main tank Set up an electric fuel pump. How is the fuel in the secondary tank delivered to the main fuel tank? Engineers use the principle of siphon, the fuel in the secondary fuel tank through the suction pipe is sucked out and lost to the main fuel tank.


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