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Fuel pump structural features and working principle

fuel pump structural features and working principle
Fuel pump composition in accordance with the structure of the general can be divided into impeller pump and metal pump two categories. All
Permanent magnet DC motor is used as a motive force, the motor structure is simple, low cost, with high speed characteristics, according to the size of torque can automatically adjust the speed. The structure of the vane pump generally adopts high-speed rotation of the vane in the oil passage, and the fuel is sucked in from the inlet and discharged from the outlet. The metal pump relies mainly on the constant volume change to suck in the fuel in the oil inlet and extrude the fuel in the oil outlet, or In the fuel into the fuel inlet closed, the fuel will continue to export. No matter what kind of structure, the purpose is to import fuel into the fuel and export the fuel to be discharged. : office: The main features of the fuel pump; compact structure, low cost, with one-way into the oil, over-pressure spills

Function Using DC motor and pump conjoined structure,
Motor shell and pump housing for the integration of design, the pump outlet and the motor cavity connectivity, greatly saving space in the material,
Reduce the appearance size, the fuel in the pump thrust, from the import into the push to the exit,
Into the motor cavity, and finally through the electric fuel pump outlet outflow,
In the process of fuel flow, the motor can be produced
Health heat away, play a cooling effect. When the engine stopped working, in order to keep the car
The pressure inside the oil circuit is provided with a one-way valve structure at the outlet of the electric fuel pump; in the meantime, in order to prevent the oil circuit from being blocked, the pressure of the fuel pump will break the oil circuit,
In the fuel pump with over-pressure overflow relief valve structure.

The working principle is: After the permanent magnet motor drives the pump body to rotate, the fuel is sucked in from the oil sump, flows through the inside of the electric fuel pump, and then is pressed out from the oil outlet to supply oil to the fuel system.

Crimping riveting the fuel pump at both ends of the shell, so that the various components form a non-removable assembly,
Therefore, the electric fuel pump is generally not repaired. Additional features of the fuel pump by the safety valve and check valve to complete,
The role of safety valve is to avoid fuel line obstruction, the pressure is too high cause the tubing rupture or damage the fuel pump phenomenon. The safety valve has a nominal pressure of 2.6 bar,
Check valve settings
Is to prevent the oil pump to stop working seal oil, the fuel system to maintain a certain residual pressure, so that the next time the engine is easy to start.
Fuel pump installed in the vehicle's tank bottom shell,
The bottom of the tank has a partial depression of the sump.
When the pump sucks oil from the sump, the oil outlet passes through the fuel tank cap and the external oil supply pipeline through the oil pipeline


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